Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Scary Question #3 Who Can I Trust?

October is the month I will address your scary questions and the scary stories we tell ourselves.....
For as long as I can remember I have been a cheerleader in one way or another.  I like to think of myself as a cheerleader for the soul as of late, and that continues to evolve, so what does that mean?  
Being a cheerleader for the soul is scrumptious!  It’s an honored position that allows me to get a glimpse into another person’s soul and see the amazing passions and purpose in this person.  Sounds fantastic right?  It is!!!  One problem….. we all wear masks and put walls around those passions and purposes to keep them safely hidden from critics that smash them into pieces.  This is absolutely understandable and I’m actually a huge proponent of keeping your deepest dreams very sacred until you can share them and build on them with someone safe, someone you can trust. 
So how do you earn someone’s trust so you can be a cheerleader for their sacred dreams and passions?  This is a great question. I take earning trust very serious!  I know I’m a little wild, crazy and possibly flippant in a lot of things in life but earning trust and keeping trust is something that I take very seriously!    This is one of the reasons I decided to jump back into the mortgage industry after a 5 year sabbatical.  Buying and selling a house is one of the largest financial decisions that many people will ever make and this kind of a decision needs careful guidance from a trusted advisor.  I have worked in this industry for over 17 years and have seen all the changes and challenges the mortgage world has gone through.  Being an underwriter and account executive for a Mortgage Bank for most of those 17 years has given me the unique perspective of knowing how to structure a loan for what is in the best interest of both the person getting the mortgage as well as the bank.  When I sit down with someone to go over their goals for home ownership, we discuss much more than the numbers involved to get qualified.  I want to make sure that the loan program that I will be putting together for you is the best fit for you and your family, whether your family is growing in size or maybe even downsizing and heading into retirement.   I want to earn your trust by really knowing who you are and how I can best take care of you in the biggest financial transaction you will probably ever have.  I want to be very clear what your goals are so that I can do my part in assisting your success in these goals. 
This is why I work primarily by referrals from people who already know and trust me.  By doing this I can dedicate my time to giving you the best service possible. 
I recognize that I must earn your trust so that I can earn future referrals from you, so my goal is always to exceed your expectations.  It is my goal that you become such a raving fan of how well the process worked for you that by the time we are finishing up your mortgage that those close to you will be wondering how they can have the same experience. 
My journey has brought me back around to this wonderful opportunity in the mortgage world to help you and those you might know, make the most of home ownership.   I appreciate your referrals and assure you that I will do everything to earn and keep the trust of those you send over to me.  So you never have to ask the scary question, “Who can I trust?”   I look forward to this opportunity to sit down and listen to you share the hope and dreams of you heart in regards to a mortgage.  I really want to gain the trust of the people in your life and your referral will begin this relationship.  Please share my name and number with anyone looking to buy, sell or refinance their home.  – Sheri Joi text/voice 503.380.1156 or you can email me at sherijoi1972 at gmail dot com

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