Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Scary Question #1 How Will I Ever Come Up With a Down Payment?

October is the month I will address your scary questions and the scary stories we tell ourselves.....
"How will I ever come up with a down payment?" This is the most frequently asked question I've heard since jumping back into the mortgage industry.  This is one of those scary stories that roll around in our mind about home ownership.  This one little thought can sabotage our dreams to home ownership if we don't ask the right person the right question.
The smartest thing we can do is ask the scary question to a trusted professional that has the answers for us.  A down payment is definitely something you can do something about and I have some great answers for that question.
There are many different plans you can use to save for a down payment and there are many programs that have down payment assistance available for you.  Speak to a mortgage professional for more details about the current payment assistance programs available.
Now you don’t have to worry about asking that scary question about down payment any more.  If you’d like to see if you are eligible for these great programs, set up a phone call to talk about what your plans for home ownership will be in the future.   Getting rid of the scary question and the scary stories is about taking the risk to find the answers.   Call or text me to set up our first strategy call.    *Text/voice number 503.380.1156* or email me at sherijoi1972 at gmail dot com

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